Definitive Sticks

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The same wire configurations used in their pre-made coils are now offered in "sticks".  This gives you the option to build your own coils to your liking without having to take the time to spool these complex wire configurations.  Each tube will have 4 sticks of wire at 4 inches long.

#3 - 4 x Fused Clapton Sticks 26K/34K

#4 - 4 x Fused Clapton Sticks 28K/36K

#5 - 4 x Fused Clapton Sticks 26N/36N

F3 - 4 x Framed Staple Sticks 28k/36k/.4mm x 4 Ribbon(k)

F4 - 4x Framed Staple Sticks 28N/36N/.4mm x 4 Ribbon(k)