Hammer of God RED V4 (HOG) - Vaperz Cloud

  • $290.00

This is an advanced device. Please: CLICK AND READ FIRST

When you open the packaging up and find the legendary logo looking back at you. 

When you open the doors and add your four 21700 Batteries into the loading bays and feel the click of the magnet doors locking it into place.

When you press the Ultem button in and feel all 8.4 volts push through your coils and fire up your coils... YOU KNOW IT'S A HAMMER OF GOD! 

Includes Valhalla 38mm red top cap (RDA not included)


Anodized Aluminum Construction with Updated Design
Stylish Engraved Trim Accents
Accepts 21700 and 20700 Batteries
Parallel-Series Circuit Configuration with Side Loading Bays 
Dual Magnetic Battery Bay Doors
Recessed ULTEM Firing Button
Centered Stainless Steel 510 Threadings with Adjustable Positive Pin

WARNING: This device is an unregulated para-series mechanical device at 8.4 Volts that is recommended FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY. Use at your own risk. Users of mechanical devices must be aware of battery safety and ohms law in order to prevent risk and harm to the device, to person or to property. Be aware, that mechanical mods such as this one do not have any short circuit protection and lack any firing button locks. Pay attention to battery direction when inserting! ALWAYS install batteries as indicated internally in the mod.   Failure to do so will cause an automatic short circuit, which can result in a dangerous exothermic reaction and/or explosion! It is highly recommended to ALWAYS remove the batteries before attaching or detaching the atomizer from this device. Never build your atomizer on the device itself with batteries inserted. 

Tricky Vapor recommends any cell with a minimum Continuous Discharge Rating of 30 Amps. DO NOT use batteries that have worn or broken wraps.
Tricky Vapor is not responsible for misuse of product, or dangerously low coil builds. Tricky Vapor is not liable for the use of improper batteries for your builds.

Compatible with the following products: (click to open directly)

Ultem Kit or HoG v4

Vapcell 21700 35A (Samsung 30T Rewrap)