Xtar Chargers

  • $14.99

SIX-U U1 45W 6-Port USB Charger
Six-U, new view! Say goodbye to countless adapters.
• Charge 6 USB devices simultaneously
• Maximum 2.4A output per port (9A in total), half charging time saved!
• High efficient with Nickel plating on all-copper USB ports
• Compatible with smart phones, tablets, e-cigs, MP3/MP4, etc.
• 100-240V input voltage ideal for international travel

Simple but not normal.
• Ultra-compact size
• Wide adaptability, adapts batteries from 10440 to 26650
• Micro-USB powered, charger everywhere as will
• Intelligent adjust suitable charging currents (0.25A/0.5A)

No more endless waiting, master your time!
• Countdown function tells the remaining time to fully charge
• Optional charging currents (0.5A/1A)
• LCD display shows detailed charging status
• Wide adaptability to charge different size and types of batteries
• USB output function

XTAR MC4, the first portable and cost-effective 4-slot charger with Micro USB charging port.
• Charge four batteries simultaneously
• Max 2x1A or 0.5Ax4
• Powered by micro-USB port, charge everywhere
• LED indicators show real time charging status
• Full package includes adapter

QUEEN ANT, the united power. A portable and cost-effective 6-slot charger uses Micro USB charging ports.
• Fast charge with 1.0Ax4 or 0.5Ax6
• Powered by micro-USB charging ports, charge everywhere
• Exquisite LCD display shows charging current, battery power and charging status.
• Automatically distribute the most effective charging currents (0.5A/1A) for each slot